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Six ways to make sure your ears stay healthy

Your hearing is precious and to make sure you don’t end up with hearing loss, or damaged or diseased ears there are number of things you can do to keep your ears healthy. 1.  Use eardrops to dissolve impacted wax Wax build-up often leads to mild hearing loss, as not surprisingly, sounds cannot travel through the ear canal because it becomes blocked. You can soften your impacted wax with ear drops, use a natural oil like almond or olive and apply like this: Lie on your side and use a dropp...

March 8, 2018

The wrong way to remove ear wax

It would be so much easier if we could just lift the top of the head and use a bottle brush! Unfortunately with ears it’s not that easy - one needs a microscope and light and a good level of experience to know what you are looking at and how to approach the job. Even Anne, our ear nurse practitioner, without thinking, scratched her ear some years back, which resulted in full-on outer ear infection - nasty, painful and unnecessary! These are all the wrong ways to clear your ears: Keys, pens, sc...

December 7, 2017

Everything you wanted to know about ear wax

Ear wax, known as cerumen, is produced inside your ears in glands at the base of the tympanic membrane (ear drum) to keep them clean and free of germs. It usually passes out of the ears harmlessly aided by chewing and jaw movement, but sometimes too much can build up and block the ears. It protects the skin of the human ear canal, assists in cleaning and lubrication, and also provides some protection from bacteria, fungi, insects and water. So, in fact, ear wax is a good thing. The amount of ea...

December 6, 2017

Swimmers Ear

Swimmer's ear (Otitis Media) is inflammation of the ear canal which often results in ear pain, discharge, swelling of the ear canal and occasionally decreased hearing. Otitis externa may be acute lasting less than six weeks) or chronic (lasting more than three months). If you experience these symptoms we advise you to see your GP as soon as possible. Micro suction of the ear canal will allow the canal to dry and heal once wet debris has been removed. Occasionally more than one micro suction app...

December 6, 2017

Hugo our listening dog and dog ears

Listening ears: Hugo, our listening dog, is not a Hearing Dog for someone with hearing impairment, but if he was, his ears would probably be very useful. With a dog’s hearing being far superior to human hearing, dogs can really make a difference to the life of a deaf or hearing-impaired person. It is thought that dogs hear about four times better than we do. The world is a noisy place for dogs, who can hear things like the bodily vibrations of termites in the walls. Take a look at the NZ...

December 6, 2017

Surfers ear

Surfer's ear is the common name for exostosis or abnormal bone growth within the ear canal. Irritation from cold wind and water exposure causes the bone surrounding the ear canal to develop lumps of new bony growth which constrict the ear canal. Where the ear canal is actually blocked by this condition, water and wax can become trapped and give rise to infection. Most avid surfers have at least some mild bone growths (called exostoses). The condition is progressive, making it important to take ...

December 4, 2017

Ears and flying

Pressure and pain in your ears during a flight can be extremely annoying and even painful. And almost as unpleasant, for some, is having to wait another 12 hours, or longer, before being able to hear normally again. The pain is due to a change in the air pressure when the aircraft climbs and descends. This occurs in the inner (middle ear) involving the Eustachian tube. However, any change in pressure causes the ear to produce more wax as a means of natural defence. Many clients tell stories of s...

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