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A Revolution in Custom Hearing Protection

The most versatile and natural sounding hearing protector in the world, a breakthrough in high-noise filtering. The ACS PRO27 has an almost flat sound reduction of 23dB through the low and mid-range frequencies so allow for situational awareness and the ability to communicate and a stark jump in protection in the higher frequencies where it is needed: Up to 35dB increasing your safe exposure time up to 9 times.

Quality assurance and Certification

Each earpiece is manufactured to the highest standards ensuring you get a comfortable, discreet and effective hearing protector that can be fitted quickly, easily and securely. All earplugs are certified AS/NZS1270:2002 and/or European Standard BS EN352-2.

Specifications of the ACS PRO27

  • Class 5 Certified
  • Discreet Custom Canal Mould
  • Soft Medical Grade Silicone
  • No Interference with helmets or glasses
  • Durable: 4/5 year lifespan
  • Optional: different colours
  • Optional: metal detection
  • Made in New Zealand

For Who is the PRO27 Suitable?

  • Mining
  • Power Stations
  • Railway
  • Construction
  • Firework Displays
  • Port and Harbour workers
  • Trade Workers
  • Power Equipment users
  • Manufacturing


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