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Fighting Workplace Noise


As an employer or business owner it is extremely important to ensure that the hearing of your staff is protected.  Hearing protection equipment protects ears from exposure to loud noise and comes as either:

  • Ear muffs
  • Ear plugs

To find out more about your responsibilities around hearing protection click here.

Your legal duties

As an employer and business owner you have a legal duty to manage the risk of exposure to noise at work. There are a number of areas to be considered as an employer:

  • Healthy and safe and environment
  • Noise levels
  • Training
  • Hearing protection

Find out more about the practical steps you can take.


Regular and ongoing education for workers can support their understanding on the importance of looking after their hearing, the harm that noise can do, and how to manage risks.  If your workers are:

  • Exposed to hazardous noise
  • Supervise others in noisy environments

Training is essential when setting up workplace hearing procedures, find out what you should do.

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We can come to your workplace at a time when it suits you (out of hours if need be to catch shift-workers) and take care of all your custom-made ear protection plug needs, all you need to do is make your employees available. 

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