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Need ear impressions taken?

Ear impressions service

We also do impressions of the ears for clients needing custom-fit ear protection or hearing aid moulds. We can either just take impressions of your ears to enable you to take the moulds elsewhere or supply you with the ear protection plugs as well - the choice is yours but as we throw in the microsuction (which is nearly always required) you will save money if we supply the ear plugs.

Custom-made ear plugs take the shape of your ear, are more comfortable than the standard foam ear plugs and stay in your ears better. You will get a more comfortable fit and much better sound attenuation (sound reduction) with custom-fit plugs.

The ear protection plugs we supply are the very best and of the highest quality. This way you will be sure to get many years of optimal performance from your product and this also makes them very cost effective.

So whether you are a musician or swimmer or surfer, need hearing aid moulds or hearing protection whilst shooting, motor biking, working in a noisy environment etc. or share your bed with a heavy snorer we can help.

We make the ear impressions by putting a silicon-based material down into your ear canal. After about 5 minutes this goes hard and this is what the custom ear plugs are made from.

A pre-impression consultation will be required to assess the health of the ear canal. In some cases, ear microsuction is required to ensure an accurate, high-quality and close-fitting impression to be taken. Your appointment will take 30 minutes.

Ear impression types - Ear Suction Hawke's Bay

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