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Meet Anne Roberts

Anne Roberts, a New Zealand registered nurse, has dedicated her working life to nursing and healthcare. Even when Anne followed another passion of hers, collectibles and accessories, by becoming a business owner and retailer, she made sure she kept working part-time as a nurse to keep her experience and expertise up to date in addition to exceeding her Continuing Professional Development obligations.

Anne has spent 30 years working in private and public services in both New Zealand and the UK, having obtained her nursing degree back in 1993, an excellent foundation for her subsequent healthcare expertise developed over her long and varied experience in the field of nursing. Anne’s experience covers a number of fields from general nursing through neo-natal to caring for those with disabilities, working her way up from junior nurse to clinical manager, despite a career break as mother of three.

Anne also had a spell as a volunteer ambulance officer with St John Ambulance, a role she particularly enjoyed as it enabled her to give something back to the community, saving lives and getting people back on their feet.


In recent years, Anne has found her niche by specialising as an ear nurse and subsequently, as an ear nurse practitioner, developing a particular expertise in ear microsuction as well providing audiology support services. Working over in the UK, she set up an ear microsuction operation completely from scratch, sourcing equipment and the necessary resources and then marketing and delivering an expert, very-much-in-demand not previously available service due to local conditions. Not only does this mean that Anne can safely and quickly remove ear wax with no discomfort to her loyal and happy clients but in addition, she knows how to assess and advise clients on a clear plan of action if she finds any ear conditions and diseases.

Few, if any, of her nursing contemporaries can match the expert service Anne provides.

Ear Nurse Specialists Group New Zealand

Anne is a member of the Ear Nurse Specialists Group.

In the 1960's, chronic suppurative Otitis media (CSOM) was causing a large problem in communities especially in the isolated rural areas. Discharging ears were common and were often accepted as normal.  With vision and foresight, Sir Patrick Eisdell-Moore instigated the concept of the Mobile Ear Clinic, to help these children.  Nurses were specially trained to operate this service.  

There are at present, over 50 nurses employed in the Ear Nurse role, with many attaining the "Specialist Nurse" level. The role has grown over the years and so too has the knowledge and skill. There are now ENS's working in the Outpatient setting assisting with the workload and managing many ear conditions.

Special attributes of an Ear Nurse Specialist include:

  • In-depth knowledge of ear anatomy
  • Diagnostic and treatment ability
  • Referral to specialist services
  • Support for families
  • An understanding of conductive and sensori-neural hearing loss
  • Competency in otoscopy, microscopy, instrument use and aural toilet techniques
  • Empathy with different cultures
  • Enthusiasm, motivation,  relate well to children and their families
  • Ability to work autonomously.

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New Zealand Nurses Organisation

Anne Roberts is a New Zealand registered nurse and has been a proud member of the New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) for 27 years.

The NZNO represents over 46,000 nurses and health workers and is the leading professional body of nurses in New Zealand. Their members include nurses, midwives, students, kaimahi hauora, health care workers and allied health professionals.

Their members enhance the health and wellbeing of all people of New Zealand providing professional support and leadership for nurses and midwives and clinical development through special interest sections and colleges. NZNO is committed to the representation of its members and the promotion of nursing and midwifery. NZNO embraces Te Tiriti O Waitangi and seeks to improve the health status of all peoples of New Zealand through participation in health and social policy development.

NZNO Vision
NZNO freed to care, proud to nurse.

NZNO Mission
NZNO is committed to the representation of members and the promotion of nursing/midwifery. NZNO embraces Te Tiriti O Waitangi and works to improve the health status of all peoples of Aotearoa/New Zealand through participation in health and social policy development.

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