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Ear Protection Plugs

Do your workers need ear protection plugs?

We use our expertise in ears to act as a one-stop shop solutions-provider for businesses needing custom-made ear protection plugs for their employees, providing a range of affordable custom-made ear protection plugs tested to the Australian-New Zealand standard AS/NZS 1270 and in particular Class 3, Class 4 and Class 5 grades.

Why use Ear Protection Plugs HB?

  • Your one-stop shop for ear protection plugs custom made for you.
  • 100% fee guarantee, in the unlikely event you're unhappy, then don't pay.
  • Free ear health assessment with independent and impartial advice - after all, if we’re looking into your ears you may as well take advantage of our expertise in ear health.
  • Our ear protection plugs are guaranteed to fit or you get ALL your money back, subject to the removal of excess wax removal before the impressions are taken.

Watch our video below to find out more.

Do your workers need ear protection plugs because your work place is noisy?
As an employer, you have a legal duty to eliminate noise for your employees. More often than not, noise can only be reduced, and not eliminated completely, which means your employees need custom fitted ear plugs.

Noisy workplaces are unhealthy and can lead to increased blood pressure, stress and tiredness. Not only will protecting your employees hearing protect your employees from ill health but in addition, it will lead to increased productivity and a happier more loyal workforce.

Earphones and Earpieces

Do your workers wear earpieces all day to keep in touch? We can supply custom-fit earpieces that fit to existing cell phone or portable radio connectors to make sure their working life is a lot more comfortable.

Ear muffs a short-term fix
Ear muffs are a short-term fix and ineffective, as often they are old and not maintained or safety glasses mean they don’t cover the ears properly. Off-the-shelf non-custom made earplugs do not fit properly and can be worse than useless.

ACC claims for work-related hearing loss are growing and hearing loss is becoming more of a problem as the average age of New Zealanders rises. The manufacturing industry in particular represents about 25 percent of all claims for noise induced hearing loss, more than any other industry. And, ACC premiums are not cheap, claims can increase your premiums considerably, so custom-made ear protection plugs are not only good for your employees they can save you money in the long run.

Occupational Safety and Health Service's Code of Practice
The Occupational Safety and Health Service's Code of Practice sets a low bar.  A 10 decibel hearing loss is predicted for 95 percent of the noise-exposed population if they are exposed to the maximum allowable noise level eight hours a day for 40 years.

In New Zealand that maximum is 85 decibels averaged over an eight-hour period, with a peak of 140 decibels. The code says once a company is aware it exceeds the limit, ear protection is a temporary substitute until a noise-control programme is implemented.  A worker not wearing a hearing protector for as little as 30 minutes a day can reduce by half the protection it is giving over the entire day.

Our custom-made ear protection plugs

Our custom-made ear protection plugs can be used in a wide variety of workplaces - from factories, sawmills, warehouses and building sites to airports, freezing works, or those using noisy plant and equipment, in fact almost any industry sector.

Our ear plugs comprise two important elements - custom-fit moulded plugs and sound attenuating filters. Each ear plug is made from an impression of the user’s ear to ensure a perfect fit, preventing sound leaking in through any gaps which can be found in generic fit ear plugs. In addition, our ear plugs are made from a soft, medical grade silicone to ensure a safe and comfortable fit, even when worn for long periods of time.

The attenuating filters fitted to our ear plugs reduce sound to safe levels without causing muffling, so the wearer can hear safely and clearly while being protected from dangerous sound levels. The filters are available in a range of different attenuations to ensure the correct sound reduction is achieved in any environment. All the filters have been tested and certified to the European Standard for ear plug hearing protectors: EN352-2. The Class 3, 4 & 5 plugs have been tested to the Australian-New Zealand standard AS/NZS 1270.

Additional options

Additional options are also available, including ‘grips’ to aid insertion and removal of the plugs and neck cords We can laser etch the plugs with users names or serial numbers etc. for easy identification. Our ear plugs can also be made in a range of different colours and can be fitted with metal detection balls for the food and pharmaceutical industry.

Ear Protection Plugs

Get in touch today

We can come to your workplace at a time when it suits you (out of hours if need be to catch shift-workers) and take care of all your custom-made ear protection plug needs, all you need to do is make your employees available. 

Don’t risk your employees hearing or pay more than you need to in ACC premiums. Call us on 06 929 7608, or email us at contact@earsuctionhb.co.nz and ask us for a quote.

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