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Ear Suction Hawke's Bay testimonials

At Ear Suction Hawke’s Bay we make things easy. Only we:

Make it really easy to get an early appointment

Are so easy to contact

Have six clinic locations across Hawke’s Bay

Highly recommended!

You no longer can have your ears syringed at your GP.  They tell you to contact Anne at Ear Suction Hawke’s Bay.

I had this done on Saturday for the first time and walked out very happy that I could hear loud and crisp!!! Its pain free and Anne talks you through everything.

Highly recommended guys!

Selena Harris, Hastings

They are just brilliant!

If you have ever had problems with ear wax like me, then you really need to book an appointment with Anne or Nick. In the past I have tried everything from syringe wax removal to ear wax candles, but nothing I tried in the past has been anywhere near as effective as the 15 minute appointment I had with Anne. Honestly this ear suction service was not in the least bit painful or irritating and now I'll never need to use cotton buds again. I really recommend using this business. They are just brilliant!

Blanche Mclean, Hastings

Professional and friendly

Anne is professional and being very friendly, and puts you at ease very quickly. You can get a very prompt appointment with Anne which is great - because if you can't hear you need to see someone straightaway. 

With Anne, I have found you can get an appointment the same day. 

I would wholeheartedly recommend Anne to others.

Andrew Phillips
Havelock North

The next day

I have had problems with my ears being blocked up with wax for many years and I had heard from a friend that Anne was a very good. I rang up for an appointment and was able to get in the next day, how good is that?

When I met Anne she was very thorough and explained every step of the way what was going on and showed a lot of skill, so yes, I will be going to see Anne regularly as well as giving her details to friends and family.

John Francois
Havelock North

Book online

Having seen Anne again recently, I just wanted to say how great Anne’s ear cleaning service is. I used to go to the doctor, but got so fed up with waiting for the receptionists to answer I Googled instead and found Anne’s website. Imagine my surprise when I found you can book online when and where it suits you. The whole family has been to see Anne and we were impressed by her friendly and rapid service. I have already referred Anne to friends and family and all were very happy, since you can see Anne early morning or Saturday mornings too. Thanks Anne!

Andrew Boyd

You're the only one

My young son has had ongoing problems with his ears as they are small and they quickly block up with ear wax. He wouldn’t let anyone near them until he met that lovely Ear Nurse Anne Roberts - she is really great with kids. Since then he’s been fine, he likes Anne and lets her treat him no problems at all!

Leah Clarke
Upper Hutt

No fee

The Registered Nurse Anne was so friendly and informative - she really took her time to explain about the anatomy of the ear.  I arrived very nervous and left smiling as the consultation was completely free as there was no wax to remove - how amazing is that?

Peter Wong

No more oil

As a keen swimmer, I spent three months applying oil to my ears twice a day but it made no difference at all. I wish I had made this appointment with Anne Roberts months ago and I will come every spring now before I start swimming for the season.

Marie Jones

Ear infection relief

My 12 year old son had a recent ear infection. After prescribing some ear drops, our Doctor also suggested seeing Anne. I was so relieved after my son’s session with Anne - she’s really great with kids and the discharge from the ear was uncomfortable and alarming for my teenage son.

Sarah Perry

No more pain

I’ve suffered from excess ear wax over many years and it’s caused me a great deal of pain and discomfort. The practice nurse at my doctors used to water syringe my ears - what an uncomfortable thing to suffer. When I visit Anne it's quick, safe and painless, just a quiet, buzzing sound in one ear.

Gina Miller

No more water syringing

I was thrilled when I read that there is now a safer method for ear wax removal as I suffered a perforated ear drum when diving some while back. My GP advised me against water syringing and suggested going to Anne. Thank you Anne so much better!

Atutahi Hui

Home visits a delight

I was extremely anxious to sort my mother’s hearing as her hearing aids were whistling and she was getting very frustrated which she often took out on me!  I spoke with Anne Roberts and I was absolutely thrilled to learn that she made home visits as my mother’s mobility is very poor now. We were so delighted!

Myfanwy Griffiths
Ebbw Vale

Vertigo no more

I’ve suffered Vertigo over recent months - having seen my GP he suggested making an appointment with Anne as the first step in my recovery plan.  The Vertigo and dizzy spells have now stopped, and thankfully I can drive safely again and get out to play golf.

Evan Evans

Surfing and still at work

I do a lot of surfing and my ear canals are frequently wet.  Recently my ears did not clear after I came out of the surf and I was unable to work. My boss (being a tad upset) suggested I have my ears checked. Anne informed me I have a condition in my ears call exostosis, which is common in surfers.  Anne referred me to an ENT specialist, I’m now back at work thankfully and my boss is a happy bunny!

Nick Butler

More bang for your bucks

Wow that’s my first microsuction session - awesome - that’s what I call a lot of bang for my buck!

Mark Johnson

Comfortable flying

I’m so glad my travel agent suggested that I have an ear health assessment with Anne before I flew overseas again. My last trip was ruined by pressure and pain from wax build-up for the entire two weeks and I didn’t really enjoy it.

Wayne Kelly
Havelock North

Years of needless unpleasant and smelly discharge - finally I’m on the right track

My partner needed microsuction so one day so I tagged along. On speaking with Anne, I described my symptoms, which were a smelly discharge from my ear and ongoing pain following a botched water syringing session some years ago. At the time, I consulted an ENT specialist but he retired and didn’t follow me up nor transfer me to a colleague.

Anyhow, Anne checked my ears and noticed dark retracting pockets on my ear drum which is, apparently, a very bad sign. She immediately wrote a letter to my GP explaining what she had found so I could receive the appropriate treatment. Thank goodness for Anne, help at last!

Lucy Lloyd

I thought I was going to die

Out of the blue I suddenly started to feel dizzy. It got worse and worse and I was worried sick. For three months I thought I was going to die of something awful so I didn’t have the courage to go to the doctor and get it checked out. Eventually when I did go she told me to go and see Anne. Wow! What instant relief - I felt so much better! I never thought for a moment that dizziness could be caused by something so ordinary!

Winston White

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