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More about us and what we do

At Ear Suction Hawke’s Bay we make things easy. Only we:

Make it really easy to get an early appointment

Are so easy to contact

Have six clinic locations across Hawke’s Bay

Our vision

To be recognised as the leading centre of ear heath and ear wax removal excellence in Hawke’s Bay.

Our mission

Our mission is to help as many Hawke’s Bay residents and visitors to Hawke's Bay as we can to maintain pain-free, clear and healthy ears using effective and up-to-date procedures and technology with safety our top priority.

Our core values and guiding principals

  • To dedicate ourselves to client-centred care and to put our clients first no matter the circumstances 
  • To prioritise client safety and comfort at all times 
  • To enjoy the work that we do and be positive and cheerful each and every day
  • To sustain a high level of professional integrity and honesty in all aspects of our business    
  • To provide a very personal and customised service treating all our clients with dignity and politeness 
  • To provide a high quality service at a reasonable cost that virtually all clients can afford   
  • To always give a little something extra to make a difference to our clients’ lives 
  • To strive for a common team approach in all our endeavours    
  • To respect and be supportive to both clients and colleagues and to earn their respect in turn    
  • To take a long term view and grow and nurture our reputation over short-term monetary gain    
  • To seek opportunities to give something back to the community, especially those who need help and can benefit from our expertise the most, on a pro bono basis where appropriate
  • To reduce stress and non-monetary costs for our clients e.g. effort, time and anxiety in all their dealings with us
  • To tackle everything that we do with enthusiasm and energy and always look for a better way to do things    
  • To keep ourselves up-to-date and deliver client care using safe and modern technology and innovation
  • To work in a clean and tidy environment indicative of our attitude to work and life.

Make an appointment

To make an appointment in one of our clinics BOOK HERE.  
If you prefer, call or text Nick on 021 225 6425 or e-mail

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To arrange a home or rest home visit please call or text Nick on 021 225 6425.  You can call us anytime from 8am to 7pm every day except Sunday.



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