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Is Ear Syringing safe?

The great majority of GP’s in Hawke’s Bay have stopped removing ear wax by water syringing but surprisingly, it’s still being used in Hawke’s Bay. We see a lot of clients who have had bad experiences with ear syringing or where it just hasn’t worked and we’re not at all surprised at the results of a large UK study on the effectiveness of ear syringing set out below:

  • Failure of ear wax removal occurred in 29% of cases
  • Otitis media and Otitis externa (middle and external ear infections respectively) occurred in 17% of cases
  • Ear drum perforation occurred in 15% of cases
  • Trauma to the external ear canal occurred in 11% of cases

So as you’ll see, in comparison with microsuction, it’s a lot less effective and a lot less safe. In contrast, microsuction:

  • May be used even in the presence of ear drum perforation
  • It is the only technique safe to use for wax/debris removal in the presence of an external or middle ear infection
  • Complication rates are vastly reduced in comparison with water syringing.

Seems pretty convincing, don’t you agree?


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