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The wrong way to remove ear wax

It would be so much easier if we could just lift the top of the head and use a bottle brush! Unfortunately with ears it’s not that easy - one needs a microscope and light and a good level of experience to know what you are looking at and how to approach the job.

Even Anne, our ear nurse practitioner, without thinking, scratched her ear some years back, which resulted in full-on outer ear infection - nasty, painful and unnecessary!

These are all the wrong ways to clear your ears:

  • Keys, pens, screwdriver etc - dirty and sharp
  • Cotton bud - this will result in the wax being pushed deep in the canal and/or onto the Tympanic membrane (ear drum). They often break-off and remain lodged in the ear.
  • Finger or finger nail - bacteria can enter a break in the skin – infection can easily occur.
  • Water syringing - pressure in the canal can cause irritation and pain. Wax can be forced onto the ear drum, it’s a messy and time consuming process.  But most of all, if you have every suffered an ear drum perforation (a whole in the ear drum) or have scarring on the ear drum from repetitive ear infections pressure in this area is definitely is no advised as the membrane is likely to be compromised already!

Micro suction is the safe way to remove wax from your ears, enquire today.

Looks tempting, but no way!

Ear Suction HB - How not to remove ear wax


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