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Swimmers Ear

Swimmer's ear (Otitis Media) is inflammation of the ear canal which often results in ear pain, discharge, swelling of the ear canal and occasionally decreased hearing. Otitis externa may be acute lasting less than six weeks) or chronic (lasting more than three months).

If you experience these symptoms we advise you to see your GP as soon as possible. Micro suction of the ear canal will allow the canal to dry and heal once wet debris has been removed. Occasionally more than one micro suction appointment is necessary.  We offer a Free Assessment (no wax, no charge) so that you can be confident that the infection has cleared. We can help by keeping the ears free of wax and other debris and fitting you for custom-made ear plugs specially designed for swimmers and surfers, click here to find out more.

Ear Suction Hawke's Bay
One way to avoid getting wet ears is to hitch a ride!


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